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It’s a bit later than usual but here it is, a quick look back over the past week here on PoI. (more…)

You don’t need to sell your soul if you don’t need to! #2

As I’ve mentioned before, I love FREE stuff. Especially free stuff that you can really use.

And I am sure that everyone can use something in this FREE pdf from professional photographer and graphic designer John Flick.


You don’t need to sell your soul if you don’t need to!

Okay we all love things for free, don’t we?

[…Oh yeah!..]

I mean things that are actually free, no hidden agendas and no requirement to jump through hoops for them.

[…Gadamm Yeah!…]

So take a look at this. It’s a free e-book from photographer Don Giannatti.

[…Go on its free remember!…]

Don is a photographer that I’ve been following for a while and one which fully embraces technology and social media and who uses it to his advantage.

When you consider that he is a commercial photographer, teaches photography (in a number of ways) and also creates custom web sites for other photographers, he has a wealth of knowledge to tap into.

Apart from the e-book, Don can be found on his very own websites, twitter, flickr and google+ pages to name a just a few. Through these he is always willing give advice and offer inspiration to anyone who is willing to listen and learn.

In addition to all the e-material, Don has also published 2 old style paper books (one of which I personally own and hope to post about it soon) and is currently finishing off his eagerly awaited 3rd publication.

So if you are in need for inspiration or want some hints and tips, make sure that you check out what Don has to offer.