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You don’t need to sell your soul if you don’t need to! #2

As I’ve mentioned before, I love FREE stuff. Especially free stuff that you can really use.

And I am sure that everyone can use something in this FREE pdf from professional photographer and graphic designer John Flick.


It’s a fine balancing act!

Firstly, this post is a direct result of reading this post on the Strobist blog. Secondly, after my experience with the last model I thought it time for a change, hence my new model Gurty d’ Giraffe. While I admit she may not be much to write home about, she does take direction well, where you put here she stays and she doesn’t expect small talk during the shoot. For a novice like me that’s a Godsend and leaves me to concentrate on the matter at hand which is taking pictures (lots of them and slowly). Anyway that’s enough about Gurty, on to the subject of Balancing Flash with Ambient Light.