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High Speed Photography

Camera, sound, lights…

Rainbow splash - Explore [FrontPage]
Okay it’s not the conventional saying but hopefully that’ll be the sequence soon, once I’ve purchased a bit of new kit to help me in my attempt at some high-speed photography. More about the boys toys at a later date.

In a continuation of this post and after yesterday’s depressive post, I came across this blog by high-speed photographer Pascal Bovet.


Making a Splash

Yesterday I came across this article describing the technique behind this photo. This photo is from a photographer called Vincent Riemersma. I have been intrigued by these sorts of photographs for a while and believed the technique to be to complicated until I read the article. Now however, I think it is in the realm of possibility, and if I can convince my father to knock me up a trigger, then I’ll definitely be trying this out.

SPLASH!!!! [explored]