A Journey of Enlightenment


Time to Reflect

Street Band

Street Band

I have had a few days now to reflect on the photos from my Street Photography session and if I’m honest, my feelings are mixed. I’m happy that I finally picked up the courage to try it out and I will do more, but  I’m not happy that I’ve actually caught a “moment”.

A Final Encore

Band II

Apologies for posting yet another image from the weekend’s street photography session. However, it’s been a long day at the office and I’m so tired.

This will be the last one. I promise.  I hope you like it? (more…)

If Looks Could Kill.

I was reading a post from Street Photographer Eric Kim today that contained a list of 102 things that he has learnt over the years. Some interesting pointers in there that make good sense. If you are interested in Street Photography and have never heard of Eric before check out his website.

I have added the images below to my Flickr Street Photography set and going off Eric’s 102 list I think that I’ve definitely hit number 34 and number 30. I was guilty of number 33 a few times that day also.


The Other Side of the Street.

Added another few images to the set on flickr from yesterday’s attempt at being a street photographer. As I alluded to yesterday, the day was more about getting over the nerves rather than capturing the “smell” of the street. That’s probably the reason why my images got deleted from a street photography flickr group pool. However their loss, it just pushes me on to get better and gives me the appetite to do it again.

Let me know what you think, all comments welcome.



Biting the Proverbial Bullet

So I did it. I took my camera to a busy street and took some photos.

Effort (more…)