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You don’t need to sell your soul if you don’t need to! #2

As I’ve mentioned before, I love FREE stuff. Especially free stuff that you can really use.

And I am sure that everyone can use something in this FREE pdf from professional photographer and graphic designer John Flick.


Things that make me go ooh!

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The internet is a wonderful resource for the budding photographer, jammed packed with information both useful and not so useful. Over time I have found that despite the vast choice of websites out there I frequent only but a few. It’s not that I’ve stopped visiting others all together, it’s just that I know that from the few that I do spend my time at I can get a steady stream of good information which I can trust and be confident that new material is available frequently.

One of those is strobist.blogspot.com […that shouldn’t be a surprise…].

If you are interested in learning how to use “off-camera” lighting then this is the place to go. This website/blog has been running for a number of years now and therefore there is already an enormous amount of material to read.

There are hints, tips and exercises to cover all levels of experience including the Lighting 101 series or the Lighting 102 series.

There are articles containing detailed descriptions of actual photo assignments along with gear discussions/reviews.

In summary, if you are interested in learning how to light then there is no better place to start then here.

I intend to post more on my “go to” resources in the future and while most of them will probably be well known to most, hopefully there may be one or two that you haven’t had the chance to visit yet.