A Journey of Enlightenment


Friday’s Thought


This week saw the end of February and my highest monthly views EVER! I quadrupled the total number of views from the previous best month. I therefore thank each and everyone of you who took the time to click and view. (more…)

When Time Flies.

Brenizer Moss on Stone

For those that have been following this blog since I reinvigorated it at the start of the year you may have noticed that I never celebrated the end of my 30 day challenge.

I’ll let you in to a secret, I didn’t celebrate it because I forgot all about it!

[…you forgot about it?…]

Yes I forgot about it, because writing a post a day after a while became second nature. It ended up not being a challenge but a pleasure and that was the whole point of it. (more…)

Today I’m been mostly…

Not much to write about today as behind the scenes at PoI I’ve been continuing my experiment into Dodging and Burning, with mixed success. Nothing to report as yet, but hopefully I will have something to do share soon.

Where did today go?

Rainbow splash - Explore [FrontPage]
Unfortunately the day job has been very possessive today and robbed me of any spare time that I  may have had. However I’m still feeling upbeat and looking forward to the weekend outing, even though the weather forecast has changed and now it is looking likely that it will snow on Saturday.


It’s like flogging a dead horse…

Don’t worry, I haven’t included any images of animal cruelty.

[…In fact you’ll find I haven’t included any images at all!…]

It’s an idiom, an expression of how I’ve felt this weekend. Devoid of any inspiration and with a total washout where the weather is concerned, I’m struggling to come up with anything interesting, anything at all.

I can’t even bring myself to post an (A/In)spirational image.  I’m in a bad way and in a desperate need for a “light-bulb” moment.

But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, should I?

Even now in defeat my mind is racing, spinning with ideas but not stopping on one. Like a slot-machine, waiting for the drums to stop and to show three matching pictures but today is not my lucky day.

Unlike a bad gambler though, I’m not going to chase my loses. So rather than try to force a post today, I’m going to leave it here and hope that tomorrow brings with it a new direction and momentum.