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Dodge and Burn

It’s Better to (Dodge and) Burn Out than to Fade Away…

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m no expert when it come to “post processing”. In fact I wouldn’t even call myself a novice. So on one of my rare days off today I’ve been trying the technique of Dodging and Burning.

For those few that don’t know, dodging and burning is not something new. In fact it is a technique which originates from the darkroom. Today however it can also be applied to digital images via post processing software such as Photoshop or The Gimp.

In essence, dodging and burning is used to locally alter the exposure of an image to enhance a particular area or to draw attention to/emphasise a certain part of an image. It is used to add or decrease local contrast and it can also be used to increase or decrease the overall tonal range of an image.

While most post processing software offer specific dodge and burn tools, I have been test driving a different method to achieve the same results in a non destructive way. (more…)