A Journey of Enlightenment


It’s all a meter of taste!


I was reading a post today where the poster asked if there was a “better way to ensure that an image is correctly exposed?”

Now if there is one question that can split an audience, it is this question.

It is like Marmite!


The all important Guide Number

The Guide Number (GN) is an indicator of how powerful your particular flash is. The GN is useful if you want to compare flashes. In simplistic terms (…now that’s what I like!), the bigger the GN the more powerful the flash. (more…)

Where to Start (Part 3)?

For this third instalment in the series I’m going to discuss how I came to the decision on how I’m going to trigger my off camera flash (…Ooh! Sounds like a corker!)

As I’ve previously stated, I already knew at this stage how I wanted to trigger my flash, but probably more importantly, knew how I didn’t want to trigger it (…there’s a point in there somewhere!).

When it came down to it, most of the hard work had already been done behind the scenes, so to speak, while I researched flashes. I see forums and blogs as great places to gather information, even if I don’t particularly want or need that particular piece of information at that moment in time. In my opinion, it always pays to complete the reading of a page, post etc, even if after the first inspection it doesn’t appear to cover what I want or looking for. The reason, I’m always surprised with what I can learn and plus, I’m there, I might as well make the most of it and read it anyway (…take that as a polite hint and click through!)


Where to Start (Part 2)?

So now I have the camera what’s next? Well that’s easy, this strobist malarkey wouldn’t be any good without a Flash, would it?

Now if you thought the process of me choosing a camera was bad wait to you get your head around this.

It may sound obvious but the whole point of off-camera flash photography is to get the flash off and away from the camera (yeah that does sound obvious!).

So what are the options, where do you start?