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(A/In)spirational #4


Regular visitors to my blog will already understand my (A/In)spirational posts. For those that are not accustomed to them, they are my way to record images that I have stumbled across that maybe hint at the type or style of photographs that I would like to re-create one day.



(A/In)spirational #3

Lyuba #2It has been a tough day, hardly had any photo time at all. I’m kinda feeling a bit low after yesterday’s experience. So for today’s post I’m resorting to a photo I have had in my favourites for a while. It’s from a photographer called Stephen Caissie.

This photo is just one from a set that he did and I just love the light in it. Even though there isn’t a lot of obvious contrast in the image, there is still depth, from the shadows behind the bush to the glow of her dress.  The chair and the floor look like they have been painted in, while the bush in front of her looks like it’s made up of hundreds of delicate paper leaves.

So there you are another one in what is becoming a series of (A/In)spirational images.

Stephen on Flickr

(A/In)spirational #2

Jan, 21th - Born-in-1996 attitude

Firstly I would like to thank all those that have dropped by over the last few days and making yesterday’s post the most visited since I started this challenge. It’s very, very much appreciated.

While I was thinking about the subject of today’s post I was flicking through the pool of one of my favourite flickr groups when I came across this image by photographer Sylvain Latouche.



Okay, today’s post is a bit different, it contains an actual photograph! However it is not one of mine. Instead it’s a photo I stumbled across today while reading one of my go to flickr groups (strobist) and is from a photographer called Dustin Diaz (website).

I’ve decided until I start producing images worthy of sharing here, I may as well post images that I would like to aspire to.