A Journey of Enlightenment


Hi and welcome to The Pursuit of Illumination, a blog I’ve created to document my own photographic journey.

While some may say it is a grand and possibly a pompous title for a blog, it is intended to be a light-hearted recording of my struggle to advance from the no man’s land between a good point-and-shoot photographer and a proficient DSLR amateur photographer.

I am currently 41 years of age and counting. I live with my wife of nearly 10 years and 7 year-old son in a little seaside town called Whitley Bay on the North East coast of England. I work for a global IT consultancy firm and have been for the past 12 years.  […that may sound better than it actually is…]

I’ve had an interest in photography for a number of years now, but it is only in the last year or so that I’ve acted upon that interest and taken the plunge. However, unlike many amateurs before me, I have no intentions of dropping the day job to become a professional photographer.

[…Well not at the moment any way. Never say never and all that though…]

My overall aim is to be a better than average photographer and to get to a level where my ratio of keepers compared to throwers is better than it currently is.

The equipment list isn’t extensive or expensive, as I cannot justify spending any more money than I really need to. I currently own:

  • Canon 1000d,
  • Canon 18-55mm Kit lens,
  • Canon 50mm f1.8 lens
  • Canon 55– 250mm Lens
  • Canon 430EX II Flash,
  • 43″ Westcott Shoot through umbrella,
  • Westcott light stand,
  • Manfrotto 026 Umbrella Adaptor,
  • Two (One working and One partially working)  Yongnuo 602 transceiver and receiver sets,
  • Sekonic 308s Flashmeter.

I’m hoping that my posts will be informative and helpful, give an insight in to how my brain ticks and how it thinks in relation to photography, contain brilliant photo’s and images […mostly from other photographers though for the time being…] and overall be light-hearted in nature.

So please take your time here, click around. Read as many posts as you can, but most of all please leave as much feedback as you can. It will be very much appreciated.

While I post many of my images here on The Pursuit of Illumination I do have a flickr photostream and you can also follow me on Twitter.

Not So Sharp.

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