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Hollywell Dene cont…

Continuing on from my last post here are some further photos from my Sunday trip to Hollywell Dene.

I’m now starting to rack my brains for local places that I’ve been too previously but that I never took the opportunity to shoot at.

I’m planning to try to do a “through the seasons” project of a few select places and I’m definitely putting Hollywell Dene on that list.

Enjoy the photos and remember to click on each image to see a bigger better version.
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Spring is in the Air

I awoke this morning surprised that I didn’t have a hangover from the night before. I therefore decided that I might as well make the most of the beautiful spring day and headed out on a walk, camera in hand to Hollywell Dene.

I’m very fortunate where I live, as a short walk can get you either to the coast, wide open expanses of farmland/countryside or also to the Dene. There are so many good photo opportunities once you are at the Dene and because it changes throughout the seasons, you’ll always come away with a variety of different photos.

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Water, water everywhere…

A few more images from the archives until such time that I can get out with my camera, which hopefully will be this weekend.

At the moment it appears that there is boat theme going on but definitely a water theme.

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I thought I’d drag a few more images out of the moth balls and have another look at them (click-through to see them).

I’m really loving 500px at the moment, but I do wish it felt like more of a community. If you could mix the community of Flickr and the presentation of 500px you would have one hell of a website.

Anyway if you haven’t tried 500px I say give it a go what have you to lose.

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Oldies but are they Goldies?

SunsetDecided to spend some time going over some photos I took a while back (3yrs now) which I never really did anything with.

I’m braver now then I used to be so I’ve uploaded them to Flickr to see if I can get an unbiased view.

Please let me know what you think, both good and bad.
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